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The Trade Marks Act 1974 provides for local trademark applications with effect from the date of application. There is no provision for extension of registration of UK trademarks as in several other Commonwealth jurisdictions. International priority is not available. Trade and service marks can be registered under the Nice Classification system.

No local use or intent to use is necessary prior to application but failure to use a mark within a period of five years following registration may subject the mark to an action for cancellation. The registration term is seven years and is renewable for periods of 14 years.


A semitropical island in the North Atlantic, Bermuda, a British overseas territory, lies above an extinct volcanic chain. Although the discovery of Bermuda was thought to take place in 1503, and the first exploration in 1515, Bermuda’s history really began in 1609. Sailing from England to Virginia on the Sea Venture, Admiral Sir George Somers shipwrecked near the coral reefs of Bermuda. Forming a colony on the island, the British termed the island as Somers Isle in 1684. Its official language is English, and its capital is Hamilton.

Besides being known for its beautiful beaches and golf courses, Bermuda is also known for being an offshore financial haven for its lenient business regulations and laws, and because it does not have a corporate income tax. Along with tourism, Bermuda’s economy relies heavily on insurance and other financial services from international businesses. It is deemed to be one of the top diving destinations of the world for the perilous yet alluring reefs that surround the island. Bermuda is also famous for its exquisitely pink sandy beaches.

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